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Course Description:

Prosthetic FX class is designed for aspiring artists wanting to learn sculpture, mold making and make-up application for use on TV, Film, Music Videos, Cosplay... or just for fun!

FX Artist & Instructor Dallas Harvey will teach students professional sculpting and finishing techniques to create a custom designed character prosthetic over a male/female provided human face life-cast. Students will then learn to properly mold their prosthetic sculptures in plaster.

Students will learn how to troubleshoot prosthetic design complications, properly mix, cast, and bake prosthetics in foam-latex. Students will then be instructed on how to pre-paint a prosthetic, and properly apply it to a live model, followed by safety and removal techniques.

This course will consist of lectures, demonstrations, and lots of HANDS-ON learning!

What you will learn in this class:

- How to design and sculpt original prosthetic character
- Professional sculpture design techniques & tools
- Plaster mold making: mixing & curing
- Foam latex prosthetic fabrication
- Prosthetic & make-up FX application
- Make-up FX removal & safety
- Building a Make-Up FX portfolio

No previous experience art or make-up required. All sculpting & prosthetic materials included, including an sculpting tools and face cast for you to keep!

Be prepared to take notes and bring a camera to document your progress as you learn. Students will receive a certificate of course completion signed by the Instructor.

Advanced Make-Up FX Class Canada

7pm - 10pm with 10 Minute Break

Start Date 1: July 16th

Start Date 2: August 6th

Start Date 3: September 3rd

Start Date 4: October 1st

Start Date 5: November 5th

Start Date 6: December 3rd

TUITION:  $1500

Now Taking Online Enrollment

About The Instructor

Dallas Harvey - Instructor & FX Artist

Dallas Harvey
 is a special effects artist who creates in both practical and digital FX mediums. He has over 15 years of digital concept & 3D design experience and is a special effects artist & sculptor for TV, Film & Music video productions.

He is a graduate of the 3D Computer Animation, Visual Effects and Game Design Program at Think Tank Training Centre. Dallas is also the author and instructed the Digital Make-up Design curriculum for make-up & fashion school Blanche Macdonald Centre. In 2015 he was a LEO Award nominee for "Best Make-up in a Short Drama" for Telefilm Canada sci-fi production Gord's Brother.

In addition to being key FX artist on many film productions his practical make-up, prosthetics and digital design work has been published numerous times in world-renowned Make-up Artist Magazine. Dallas is a twice published author in the "Lab Tech" section of the magazine, and has been curator of the IMATS Vancouver Make-Up Museum (2012-2014).

Dallas is the founder of Vancouver FX Studio where he designs and consults on local and international TV, Film & Music Video productions.
Dallas Harvey Fx Artist