Vancouver Special Effects Makeup Professionals

Vancouver FX Services Include:

– Special Effects Make-Up
– Character & Creature Prosthetics
– Body Parts & Casualty Simulation
– Custom Puppets, Creature Suits, Animatronics
– Props & Weapon Replicas
– Sculpture & Molding Making
– CGI & Digital FX
– 3D Printing & Fabrication
– Concept Design & FX Consulting

Have questions? Talk with one of our FX artists today (778) 968-4776 or Email Us For A Quote.


Vancouver FX studio is a practical & digital special effects production studio located in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

We specialize in the creation of character and creature prosthetic make-up, blood FX, gore simulation and realistic body parts, custom props, animal replicas and puppets for TV & Film production.

Planning your production? Our team of digital artists can also create realistic concept designs, 3D characters, 3D environment models and CGI effects in post. From your initial ideas to final on screen look, we’ve got you covered!

Have questions? Talk with one of our FX artists today (778) 968-4776 or Email Us For A Quote.

Special Effects Makeup

Is your production in need of on set special effects makeup application, wounds, gore, fantasy, old age or something custom? Let us help bring your ideas to life!

Creature & Character Prosthetics

Our team of character and creature designers can create a wide range of custom prosthetics and effects for your upcoming production. We also offer life casting and dental teeth casting services for custom fit designs.

Body Parts & Casualty Simulation

We can create highly realistic body parts and gore fx simulations to your specifications. Our team also specializes in on set blood rigging and flowing blood effects.

Custom Puppets, Fur Suits & Animatronics

Vancouver FX studio creates custom puppets, fur suits and animatronics for TV & Film productions. Have a unique design or idea? Let us help you make it a reality!

Props & Weapon Replicas

Our studio creates safe and realistic weapon replicas for TV & Film productions. In need of small to large scale props? Our team of talented artists can create any prop you may need!

Sculpture & Mold Making

Custom sculpture & design is a large part of what we do. We also provide small to large scale mold making and replication services.

CGI & Digital SPFX

Vancouver FX studios digital and CGI artists can create entire worlds, custom 3D models and post production effects including FX blood, smoke, realistic fire, gunshots, wounds and more.

Concept & FX Consulting

Planning your next production? We offer concept design and special effects consulting services during the pre-production phase.

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About Us

Vancouver FX is a special effects production studio and private training facility located in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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407-1701 Powell Street
Vancouver, B.C, Canada, V5L 5C9

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