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Course Description:

Every FX prosthetic makeup starts with a life cast. Become a self sufficient makeup artist and learn how to create life casts and snap molds in our new workshop. These techniques are a MUST know for all prosthetic makeup artists!

In this intensive hands-on workshop taught by FX Artist & instructor Dallas Harvey students will learn professional life-casting techniques used for TV, Film, Cosplay, Halloween.. or just for fun.

Learn about life casting methods, materials and the proper way to work with your model safely to capture a great impression in body/skin safe alginate. During the workshop students will learn how to create a full head and shoulders lifecast from start to finish using a live model. You will then learn how to clean the life-cast, as well as to prepare it for creating custom prosthetics by creating a corrected positive from the original life-cast.

In addition students will learn how to create “snap” molds for use in sculpting multi-overlapping prosthetics, a technique widely used in the FX industry. During this time you will see how the process is done economically, safely and correctly.

In the final portion of the class, students will make a life-cast of their own hand and cast in plaster. Students will then learn how to properly clean up and add detail to their plaster hand… and take their own cast home with them after! We will also look at lifecasting using silicone too, as this newer material has many advantages which will be demonstrated.

This workshop covers the beginning basics of life casting through the advanced techniques for both the beginner as well as the professional.

You will learn:

- Shop & Life casting Product Safety

- Working with a live model: How to prepare & safety tips

- Life casting: Casting and creating a full head & shoulders bust

- Correcting & refining detail on a full head & shoulders bust

- Life casting: Creating snap molds for multi-piece overlapping prosthetics

- Correcting snap molds, re-casting and preparing for overlapping prosthetics

- Life casting: How to cast body parts

- Hands, feet, full body casting techniques

- Life casting: Students cast their own hand or foot, create a plaster life cast copy

- Correcting & refining detail on a hand or foot casting positive

- Casting other materials: Clay pours, various plaster stone, and rubber latex.

Notes will be provided on the day detailing procedure and materials, suppliers and costs involved should you wish to do more lifecasting in the future.

Thursday April 19, 2018
6pm - 10pm

TUITION:  $300

Now Taking Online Enrollment