Student Agreement

Please read carefully before applying to any class or workshop.

1. Description

1.1 This document describes a contractual agreement between Vancouver FX Studio (here after called “Vancouver FX Studio”) and the student (here after called “Student”). Vancouver FX Studio agrees to teach the student for a period of 1, 3, 5, 8, or 10 classes depending on the class or workshop the student will be attending.

2. Courses

2.1 Student must follow the health and safety procedures and guidelines specified by the instructor among the duration of the course.

2.2 Vancouver FX Studio reserves the right to ask Student to leave the course if Student: causes disruption, breaches health and safety guidelines, endangers themselves or others, has poor attendance or is excessively late, or does not follow instructor guidelines. In the instance that Student is asked to leave the course for any above reasons, no refund will be granted.

2.3 Refunds will not be given to Student if Student decides to leave the course for their own reasons.

2.4 Student will be expected to practice on other students in the course for make-up, make-up FX, and prosthetics during the course.

2.5 Vancouver FX Studio reserves the right to change course date, times, and instructors in the case of special events and/or emergencies. In this instance, Student will be given as much notice as possible and offered sufficient alternatives.

2.6 Vancouver FX Studio reserves the right to change the provided make-up kits, brushes, tools, products, and materials from course to course, only if there are better alternatives to do so.

2.7 Any and all materials (make-up kits, brushes, tools, products, materials, etc.) are the responsibility of Student as soon as said student gains possession of such products and/or materials. There will be a charge for any requested replacements thereafter.

2.8 Student is required to leave work stations in an acceptable clean and tidy state at all times.

2.9 Student must notify Vancouver FX Studio of any medical conditions, allergies, special doctor requirements, etc. prior to beginning the course. If Student feels any allergic reaction occurring among the duration of the course, they must notify the instructor immediately.

2.10 Student is responsible for their own photographs of their work for portfolio or personal use, unless it is stated that professional photographs will be included for Student at the end of the specified registered class.

2.11 Filming and audio recording during the course is only allowed with prior permission from the course instructor.

2.12 Vancouver FX Studio reserves the right to use images of the Student’s work in any online, print, promotion, or marketing material following the class participated in. Please note that any photos and videos taken during the course may be used for future marketing purposes of Vancouver FX Studio.

2.13 Vancouver FX Studio does not take any responsibility for any loss or damage of Student’s personal belongings left on studio premises at any time.

3. Fees

3.1 Course prices are liable to change at any time. Please note that any price changes made to a course will not affect any previously confirmed class registrations.

3.2 All up-to-date course fees will be officially posted on the Vancouver FX Studio website. Any official course changes will be placed on the Vancouver FX Studio website, Student is expected to keep up-to-date with any changes made here.

3.3 The full balance of the registered course fee must be paid in advance before the start date of the registered course.

4. Cancellations & Refunds

4.1 Vancouver FX Studio does not offer refunds on advance class payments once Student has received class registration confirmation. If Student receives class registration confirmation and wishes to further request a refund, in this instance they may receive credit towards another Vancouver FX Studio class if they have not already begun attending the original registered class. Vancouver FX Studio does not offer refunds or alternative class credit after Student has already begun attending the class which they have registered for, whether attended in part or in full.

4.2 In the instance of course cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances Vancouver FX Studio must be informed immediately and all paid monies will be refunded upon request unless an alternate class date cannot be arranged.

5. Damages & Liability

5.1 Student hereby releases Vancouver FX Studio from all liability regarding personal injury, illness, or property damage occurring on or off the Vancouver FX Studio & Reliance Holding Inc. premises. Student is responsible for any damages to property owned by Vancouver FX Studio or Reliance Holdings Inc.

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